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Retailers, get Whole Foods' number

Retailers, get Whole Foods' number

Whole Foods now boasts 317 stores worldwide; posing both good and bad news for its competitors.  

If Whole Foods Market is one of your top competitors, here’s some bad news: The natural grocery chain, which now boasts 317 stores worldwide, posted impressive sales numbers in the first quarter of 2012.

But that’s also good news. This fervent expansion and growth is encouraging more shoppers to experiment with natural and organic products, which may in turn boost your store’s traffic and sales.

13 percent: Increase in sales in the first quarter, to $3.4 billion

24 to 27: Number of new stores the company plans to open in 2012

34.7 percent: Gross profit as percentage of sales

$1 billion: Total cash and investments at the end of the first quarter, a $209 million increase

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