RFI expands Colorado facility

RFI expands Colorado facility

Expanded facility also boasts RFI’s new proprietary Dynamic Dual Motion Extraction.

RFI announces the expansion of its Loveland, Colo., manufacturing facility. In addition to the facility’s liquid extraction, fermentation, drying and blending capabilities, RFI now offers encapsulation (two-piece hard shell), powder filling and bottling. The entire facility is Certified Organic, Kosher and NSF-certified for dietary supplement GMPs.  

The expanded facility also boasts RFI’s new proprietary extraction equipment, Dynamic Dual Motion™ (DDM) Extraction. DDM is a unique counter-current extraction system that produces highly concentrated flavors, concentrates and botanical extracts.  The extraction process is designed to use minimal solvent, eliminating the need for further thermal concentration, which normally drives off the essential top notes or degrades important phytochemicals. This gentle process results in full-flavored, fresh and distinctive liquid extracts used in food and beverage applications as well as high marker- content botanical extracts for nutraceutical applications.

“Many years of experience making liquid extracts has provided our executive management team of Marty Wilsey and Paul Altaffer insight to design and develop a  unique and cost-effective extraction system that produces top quality liquid extracts.” says Jeff Wuagneux, president and CEO of RFI, “In addition, with encapsulation and bottling capabilities, we are now able to control an entire process from concept ideation to off-the-shelf packaging. Utilizing our turnkey manufacturing can save our customers both cost and time.”


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