Sabinsa ingredients gain halal status

Company hopes move will win it share of $2.1 trillion global market

Sabinsa has achieved halal status for several of its functional ingredients for dietary supplements as it bids to grab a bigger share of sales among the world's 1.8 billion Muslims.

With experts' estimates putting sales of halal foods at as much as $2.1 trillion globally, Sabinsa has gained halal approval for a range of its botanical extracts, probiotics, enzymes and minerals. The certification process was undertaken by the Islamic Foods and Nutritional Council of America, which inspected New Jersey-based Sabinsa's manufacturing sites in Bangalore and Karnataka, both in India.

"What the numbers are clearly showing is a high demand for a fast-growing market segment," said Sabinsa director of marketing Shaheen Majeed. "The addition of halal-certified products will not only allow us to enter different world markets, but also help our customers meet regulatory requirements and demand from the Muslim community."

Majeed said the markets of the Middle East, Asia (in particular, Malaysia), and African countries are expected to be particularly fruitful for Sabinsa's halal supplements' ingredients offerings. He added that, in the US, many non-Muslims were becoming interested in halal products. "Non-Muslims see halal as a value-added source that provides a healthier option.

"Most Muslim immigrants look for halal certification, as there is a perception that there are fewer chemicals in halal products and the products are quality-oriented. Incidental users also tend to have a positive perception of them because halal products have less-complicated ingredients and taste good.

"Our focus on halal certification at the level of raw materials is very important and we're proud to offer this to the world."

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