Starlight Products; Your Source for Natural African & Tropical Products

STARLIGHT PRODUCTS, set up in 1997, is a specialised International Trading company in botanicals, natural raw materials and ingredients.

A long tradition for high quality raw materials in IRANEX group for over 100 years enables us to offer:

- Natural resins and balsams
- Natural waxes
- water-soluble gums, hydrocolloids
- oils, fats and butters
- aromatic and medicinal plants

Thanks to continuous efforts to develop new products and origins, we are glad to expand our collaboration with industries applying to food, beverage, nutraceutical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, perfumery industries to meet their expectations in botanical products and ingredients.

Our supplies are based on a unique network of subsidiaries, affiliated partners, producers and collectors in Sub-Saharan Africa, East Africa, Austral Africa, South East Asia, Latin America and Mediterranean region.

Some of our sources are dedicated to Organic Certified products and projects.

The collaboration with many rural communities from selected regions requires a respectful approach of the environment and traditions, ensuring a sustainable development of our projects.

STARLIGHT PRODUCTS belongs to IRANEX group, specialised in natural ingredients and founded in 1895. This allows us to benefit from a large experience on African continent, and in natural gums sourcing and processes.

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