Tate & Lyle’s new range of ‘Promitor’ branded fibres will add essential fibre with no impact on taste

Tate & Lyle today announced the launch of a range of dietary fibres that will be marketed under a new brand – Promitor. The brand name is taken from the Roman god associated with bringing the harvest in from the fields. Promitor fibres are the latest addition to the company’s Wellness platform, which recognises that consumers are looking for great-tasting, healthy options.

Tate & Lyle will be developing a portfolio of soluble and insoluble dietary fibre ingredients under the Promitor brand, with the first product launch just days away. Fibre is also a key ingredient in the bakery, beverage and dairy prototypes launched under Tate & Lyle’s ENRICH™ service at the start of the year.

The average adult diet in the USA does not contain the daily recommended intake (DRI) of fibre. Current intake for men and women ranges from 12 to 16 grams per day, whereas the DRI stands at 25 grams per day for women and 38 grams per day for men[1]. In Europe, the current intake varies by country[2] but still does not meet national recommendations[3].

Tate & Lyle’s own research[4] found that around two thirds of respondents in the US and Europe[5] acknowledge that fibre helps to promote digestive health and the immune system, with the majority recognising fibre’s ability to manage hunger and so potentially help in managing body weight. The research also found that 57% of surveyed US parents (54% Europe[6]) believe fibre to be useful in maintaining children’s health. However, just 12% of US respondents (15% Europe[7]) hold the belief that products that help you maintain digestive health and the immune system can ‘taste good’.

Harvey Chimoff, Director of Marketing, Americas said, “There is a real opportunity for food manufacturers to give consumers the fibre they ‘need to eat’ in the products they ‘want to eat’. The prototypes that we have taken to our customers show that Promitor branded dietary fibres are easily incorporated into a wide range of food and beverages with no impact on taste. Through our technical applications expertise and specially commissioned consumer research, we can help our customers to develop differentiated products that add value for consumers.”

Tate & Lyle’s customers will have the opportunity to use the Promitor logo front of pack as a symbol of great-tasting products with added fibre. The Promitor branded range of fibres is suitable for a broad range of food and beverage categories including beverages, bakery, dairy, soups, sauces & dressings, snacks and cereal coatings.

Tate & Lyle speakers and representatives would be delighted to discuss Promitor with delegates at Food Ingredients South America (Stand 110) and the Institute of Food Technologies Trade Show (Stand number 140.)

[1] Food and Nutrition Board – Dietary Reference Intakes, 2005

[2] UK: 15.2 men, 12.6 women; France: 21 men, 17 women; Germany: 24 men, 21 women

[3] UK: 18 grams, France: 25-30 grams, Germany: 30 grams

[4] Source: Illuminas/Harris Interactive - 2006

[5] US 67%, UK: 66%, France: 61%, Germany: 66%

[6] US 57%, UK 69%, France 39%, Germany 55%

[7] US 12%, UK 9%, 22% France, 13% Germany

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