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Vitamin Angel Alliance Reaches Its Goal

To the editor,

I just returned from being out of town to find a copy of the April 2002 Natural Foods Merchandiser with [the] article ["Vitamin Programs Report Success"]. I also had three e-mails and a voice message from different vendors, all of whom want to assist us in our effort to provide children's chewable [vitamins] to the children in Ghana—as a direct result of the article in NFM! Would you please pass this information (along with a big thank you) to [author] Anna Soref. I am confident now that we will reach our goal. I was speaking with the program director, who just returned from Ghana last week, and the situation is quite serious. The malnutrition is devastating, so these supplements will have a big impact. Thank you so much for caring, and for helping us out.

Best Regards,

Howard B. Schiffer,
Vitamin Angel Alliance
[email protected]

Editor's note: NFM received the following update from Vitamin Angel on April 19.

On March 12, we initiated our appeal for children's chewable vitamins for 500 children in Ghana. Yesterday, a month ahead of our best projection, due to the incredible generosity of the natural products industry, Vitamin Angels exceeded its goal. We now have a year's supply of vitamins that we will ship to Ghana. A tremendous heartfelt thank you to: Al Powers and everyone at The Fruitful Yield and Now Nutrition; Howard Munk, Ed and Keith Frankel and our friends at Garden State and Vitaquest; Elliott Balbert, Gary DeMello, Kirk Kirkland and the great folks at Natrol; Tishcon; FDC; our neighbors Edward and Son's/Kid Care Inc.; and John Luca, Rudy Lion and the Santa Barbara Tuesday Night Men's Circle.

Natural Foods Merchandiser volume XXIII/number 6/p. 10

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