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Waitaki Makes Waves In The Joint Health Market

Manufacturers looking to create innovative supplements for the joint health market can now turn to Calcium Peptacan®, a novel glycosaminoglycan polypeptide complex, recently launched by New Zealand-based Waitaki Biosciences. This breakthrough ingredient actively promotes healthy joints.

Calcium Peptacan is derived from tracheal cartilage of bovine origin. Containing high levels of the glycosaminoglycan chondroitin sulphate – a proven natural treatment for chronic inflammatory conditions – Calcium Peptacan promotes the regeneration of the cellular components of joint cartilage. What’s more, Calcium Peptacan’s specialized patented processing technique differentiates it from other cartilage-derived joint health products. This technique utilizes naturally present enzymes to create a cartilage-derived supplement with a unique molecular composition compared to those prepared by conventional methods. Calcium Peptacan is substantially free from intracellular contaminants such as nucleic acids, a further guarantee of safety and quality.

“We are delighted to launch Calcium Peptacan to the US market,” comments Craig McIntosh (CEO). “Both in-vitro and animal models have demonstrated that Calcium Peptacan is more effective than either glucosamine or chondroitin sulphate alone at reducing the signs of inflammation. So, with scientifically proven effects and low dosage levels allowing ease of tabletting and encapsulation, we hope that Calcium Peptacan will be of great interest to dietary supplement manufacturers in the growing joint health market.”

All Waitaki products are created using totally natural and 100 per cent safe New Zealand-sourced raw materials.

Waitaki Biosciences specialises in producing innovative New Zealand natural ingredient solutions for the dietary supplement and pharmaceutical markets. Taking the finest raw materials from nature, Waitaki uses modern proprietary drying technology to deliver active ingredients with proven benefits for bone health, joint health, immune and digestive support and wellbeing. Using processes that maintain the raw materials natural properties ensures Waitaki can deliver complex health solutions in single ingredient formats.

For further information please contact: Sue Finderup,
Waitaki Biosciences, PO Box 19-727, Woolston, Christchurch 8241,
New Zealand. Tel: + 64 3 337 4857 Fax: + 64 3 332 8850
E-mail: [email protected] Or visit

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