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XanGo Establishes Charitable Foundation With Inaugural Event to Benefit Operation Smile

XanGo, LLC, a leading global health and wellness company, officially launched the XanGo Goodness Foundation last night with a fundraising gala to benefit Operation Smile. The XanGo Goodness Foundation was established to extend the reach of its ongoing work to actively support philanthropic causes worldwide. Of particular interest is improving the lives of children at home and around the world and mobilizing to address disasters and crises. The event raised nearly $35,000 toward a week-long goal of supporting an Operation Smile mission to Thailand to provide children's cleft lip and palate repair. The money raised translates into approximately 145 surgeries.

Gordon Morton, XanGo founder and board member comments, "The XanGo Goodness Foundation transcends mere 'check-writing' - we encourage involvement and volunteerism." Morton adds, "XanGo Goodness evolved into a Foundation that is registered as a 501(c)(3) charity, in a move to strengthen both XanGo's fundraising abilities and transparency. Perhaps most importantly, this will expand our ability to help more people in need."

As part of the event, Operation Smile founders Dr. Bill Magee and Kathy Magee were honored. Since founding the organization in 1982, the Magees have organized Operation Smile missions and volunteers resulting in more than 135,000 cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformity surgeries in 51 partner countries around the world.

"XanGo's title sponsorship of three Operation Smile Missions since 2008 has helped more than 300 children receive life-altering cleft lip or cleft palate surgery, changing their lives forever," said Operation Smile Founder, Dr. Bill Magee. "You may never have the chance to meet these children in person, but rest assured they will thank XanGo and its founders forever for their generosity in making this happen."

Morton explained the choice of traveling to Thailand, noting, "Our previous Operation Smile missions have been hugely rewarding. With this next trip, I personally look forward to returning to the villages of Thailand where XanGo sources the mangosteen fruit for many of our products." XanGo's flagship XanGo(R) Juice and Glimpse(R) Topical Skin Nutrition products utilize the whole mangosteen fruit, discovered by co-founder Joe Morton while living in Malaysia in 1997.

XanGo's Operation Smile 2010 mission to Thailand seeks to meet the needs of the very children of the farm workers who harvest mangosteens for XanGo, the national fruit of Thailand. In August, XanGo continued its positive relationship with Thailand, welcoming delegates from the Royal Thai Government to its headquarters in Lehi, Utah. The royal delegation, in a pledge for continued cooperation, recognized XanGo's "creative use of mangosteen" and presented the company with a certificate of appreciation for being one of the pioneers in bringing mangosteen to a global market.

Even before becoming a 501(c)(3), XanGo Goodness already distinguished itself as a worldwide cause-related movement, participating in humanitarian efforts, medical expeditions, volunteer programs, community health education and advisory board service. XanGo will continue to donate a significant portion of its profits to humanitarian work through XanGo Goodness; the Foundation now enables XanGo to extend its reach to better the lives of more people and does not replace corporate giving.

Morton explains, "Championing a cause is in XanGo's very DNA. We began supporting worthy charities before turning our first profit in 2002, and that's never stopped." He elaborates, "It's incredibly gratifying to be on the ground and experience first-hand what can be accomplished through caring and coordinated volunteer service."

The XanGo Goodness Foundation will partner with respected and effective charities from North America to Australia to Asia to South America and everywhere in-between. Some examples of XanGo Goodness include:

-- Mexico - Operation Smile: XanGo partners to provide cleft lip and cleft palate corrective surgery; so far, 300 kids have received life-changing procedures, changing lives one smile at a time.

-- Canada - Children's Wish Foundation: XanGo has been title sponsor of the Wishmaker Parade, the organization's premier national fundraising event, and continues to work with Children's Wish to support children who live with high-risk life threatening diseases in realizing their most heart-felt wish.

-- U.S. - Best Buddies: XanGo's charitable partner creates opportunities for young students with intellectual and developmental disabilities; National McGruff House Network: XanGo supports McGruff's mission to keep children safe from crime.

-- India - Vitamin Angels: XanGo supports the organization's efforts to eliminate childhood blindness by the year 2020 through systematic distribution of Vitamin A supplements to at-risk children, as well as its work delivering multivitamins to children and vital supplements to expecting mothers.

-- Ghana - Global Alliance Project: XanGo champions the University of Utah's program to provide sustainable medical care and education in rural Ghana in close collaboration with the local community, an innovative model that will extend to developing regions around the world.

In terms of addressing disasters, crises and broader community concerns, XanGo Goodness encompasses bringing medical equipment and supplies to impoverished areas in Peru, helping those affected by the tsunami in Thailand and rebuilding dreams in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

To learn more about the XanGo Goodness Foundation, or make a donation, please visit

About XanGo, LLC

A leading global nutrition company, XanGo, LLC is a recognized leader in health and wellness products. Currently expanding into a wider range of botanicals, XanGo was the first company to market a premium mangosteen beverage, XanGo(R) Juice, to consumers worldwide. Its roster of premium, functional products now includes XANGO 3SIXTY5(TM), a whole food nutrition multi-vitamin, Glimpse(R) Topical Skin Nutrition and eleviv(TM) for natural, youthful vigor. XanGo is privately-owned and powered by a global network of more than 1 million independent distributors in the U.S. and more than 30 international markets such as Canada, Mexico, Japan, Germany and Malaysia. For details, visit

About XanGo Goodness Foundation

The XanGo Goodness Foundation is an extension of XanGo, LLC's ongoing commitment to better the lives of others through philanthropic action. Established as a registered 501(c)(3) charity in October 2009, the XanGo Goodness Foundation strives to raise social consciousness and mobilize XanGo's global resources to serve, support and improve communities in need. XanGo encourages corporate partners, distributors, employees and consumers to participate by giving their time and money to sustainable efforts that serve and support children, families and communities, both at home and around the world. For details, visit

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