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Natural Foods Merchandiser

9 ways to delight conscious customers on social media

With these ideas, not only will you stand out on social, but you’ll be developing relationships that will translate into repeat visits to your store.

For most small-business owners, social media can feel like a necessary chore with little payoff. When you post daily and receive little engagement, it’s easy to become discouraged. If you’re in a rut, it’s time to take back the social media fun by delighting your customers.

Natural consumers are conscious folks who appreciate the details, care and attention of the brands from which they buy. To win them over and attract their friends to your store, try one of these nine ideas. Not only will you stand out on social, but you’ll be developing relationships that will translate into repeat visits to your store.

1. Randomly award a $5 coupon to the next customer who comments on one of your Facebook posts (without you asking).

2. Tweet or post to Facebook a 10 percent off entire bill “happy hour” for the last three hours your store is open on a slow weekday.

3. Offer a one-day trade-in of a non-natural product (like toothpaste) so customers can switch to a natural brand. Trickle this event into all your social media channels at least three weeks in advance to build buzz.

4. Donate $1 to a local charity every time a customer shares the Facebook post that announces this charitable donation. Put a 48-hour time limit on the post to create a sense of urgency.

5. If you have reusable bags, T-shirts or other swag with your printed logo, post a picture to Instagram and give away 10 to the first 10 people who comment with their name and email.

6. Let customers vote for products they’d like to go on sale in the next week. You can do this without an official poll by creating one Facebook photo post showing three product options. Ask customers to comment with their top choice.

7. Post a “secret phrase” to any social media outlet, letting customers know that if they say the secret phrase to the cashier, they’ll receive a bonus. Your bonus could be swag, a discount or a free product.

8. Produce a free PDF guide to the best natural shopping and dining in your neighborhood or city. Put this on your website and/or blog and require shoppers to enter an email address for the free guide. Let all of these businesses know that you’ve listed them so that they’ll share your guide too.

9. Create a new Pinterest board each month that shares one value of your store. For example, if convenience is one of your tenets, pin pictures of your grab-and-go food items, healthy beverages, 10-items-or-less line, etc. Pin other web content (visit for ideas) that helps customers make convenient, healthy choices.

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