Health Elements acquires WellnessFX

Health Elements acquires WellnessFX

WellnessFX affiliation with Thorne Research combines advanced diagnostic technology and resources to help medical professionals use personalized health information.

Health Elements LLC, a leader in medically supervised weight loss, announced the acquisition of WellnessFX Inc., the leader in technology and services that clinicians and consumers can use to digitally collect, explain, and track personal health data. The acquisition will combine Health Elements and WellnessFX under the WellnessFX brand. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The combined entity will offer health providers and individual patients a range of personalized health services and products, including capabilities in blood testing and other diagnostic tools that can be used to develop more effective health and wellness strategies. In addition, WellnessFX will include access to the full portfolio of products and health information and services available from Thorne Research, a leading provider of nutritional supplements and wellness services available through medical professionals.

"The combination of the Health Elements technology platform with WellnessFX’s established brand strengths in personalized health and readily accessible diagnostic services represents a major new advantage for both health professionals and patients,” said Paul Jacobson, CEO of Thorne Research and WellnessFX, adding, “By bringing these resources together, WellnessFX will make FDA-approved diagnostic, genetic and treatment information more accessible and usable than ever before to improve the health of thousands of people each year.”

Founded in 2010, WellnessFX provides consumer-based online personalized health software, blood tests through leading laboratories and consultations with health professionals. Through this acquisition, WellnessFX diagnostic tools along with Health Elements nutrition tracking tools and other mobile applications will be available to consumers through the 13,000 health practitioners affiliated with Thorne Research. WellnessFX will continue to maintain operations in San Francisco and Los Angeles. In addition to Thorne Research, the largest shareholder in the newly combined entity, other investors include the Helsinn Group, Indena and HEU Holdings Inc.

Jim Kean, founder and former CEO of WellnessFX, said, "This collaboration is a milestone event in personalized health, bringing together the industry’s most advanced diagnostic technologies and resources to create an unparalleled opportunity for healthcare professionals to work more effectively with patients. Never before has this seamless range of diagnostic health services and support been available from one location. Wellness FX will make it easier for clinicians and patients to identify the most effective strategies to support weight loss, management of chronic illnesses, and many other health and wellness goals.”

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