Ashland makes laundry detergent cleaner

Ashland polymers improve household cleaners

New technology initiative will help manufacturers improve the functionality of household cleaning products sold in Asia and Latin America.

Ashland Specialty Ingredients, a commercial unit of Ashland Inc. (NYSE: ASH) introduced a technology initiative designed to help manufacturers improve the functionality of household cleaning products sold in Asia and Latin America. Rising demand for products with premium attributes in countries such as China and Brazil present a growth opportunity for Ashland’s home care business unit to demonstrate how key polymer technologies can be used in laundry detergents and home cleaning formulations to better support consumer needs.

Dianne Leipold, general manager of Home Care, Ashland Specialty Ingredients, will lead the initiative in support of cleaning product manufacturers that want to create new products with more consumer-friendly label claims, such as “color-safe laundry,” and “easy next-time cleaning” of kitchens and bathrooms.

“A number of dynamics are coming together very quickly in emerging markets that suggest the time is right to support extra performance and functionality in household cleaning formulations,” said Ms. Leipold. “Our technical teams in Asia and Latin America will be helping our customers take advantage of these changing dynamics with some of Ashland’s most innovative specialty polymers.”

Among the technologies to be presented by Ashland is Chromabond™ S-350 polymer, a dye-transfer inhibitor that binds to dyes that are removed from clothes during the wash cycle. Eliminating the ability of rogue dyes to redeposit on fabrics enables formulators to include color-safe label claims on laundry detergent products. Chromabond technology is based on a class of poly vinyl pyridine n-oxide polymers (PVNO) demonstrated to bind to dyes very efficiently at low use levels, including dyes typically used in China, Brazil and other emerging markets.

Ashland’s Sorez™ HS-205 polymer is another key technology that compliments the needs of consumers in emerging markets. Manufacturers of various kitchen and bathroom cleaners may use this polymer to form clear films that serve as a temporary barrier between hard surfaces and various soil and mineral scale. The polymer attaches to hard surfaces, but at the same time, repels unwanted dirt residing above the film, making it possible for consumers and professional housekeepers to clean surfaces more easily next time, with less effort and in less time compared to formulations without Sorez HS-205 polymer.

Improving fabric care performance
Clothing washed in “hard water” or stressed water is significantly affected by “ashing” or graying if the laundry detergent is not specifically designed to address these conditions. In China and Brazil, where powder laundry detergent often contains sodium carbonate builder as an alternative to phosphate-based builder, preventing mineral salts from adhering to fabrics in the wash cycle can be a challenge.

“Sodium carbonate reacts with hard water in situ, leading to the formation of calcium carbonate in the wash cycle,” said Michael Standish, innovation manager for Home Care, Ashland Specialty Ingredients. “Including the Jaypol™ HN70 polymer in powder laundry detergent that contains sodium carbonate builder will help significantly reduce calcium carbonate deposits on clothing during the wash cycle.”

Ashland will offer a second Jaypol polymer to fabric care manufacturers in emerging markets. Jaypol™ 213 is a liquid dispersion polymer that may be used in fabric softener to create richer, thicker formulation viscosity with ease and efficiency.

“Manufacturers that want to create the look, feel and aroma of luxurious liquid fabric softener can do so with Jaypol 213 polymer,” said Standish. “The technology is ideal for manufacturers that want to improve the value proposition of softeners in their markets. The cationic polymer offers luxurious sensory attributes, improves fragrance delivery and retention on clothes.”

American Cleaning Institute Annual Meeting
Ashland’s Home Care R&D and business teams will attend the American Cleaning Institute Annual Meeting in Orlando, Fla., Jan. 27 to 30, to discuss its technology offering in emerging markets and to outline how it will support product manufacturers with formulation assistance in Asia and Latin America.


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