Fenchem strengths cosmetic ingredients import biz

Fenchem strengths cosmetic ingredients import biz

Import Department is searching for natural cosmetics ingredients to distribute in China.

China’s cosmetics market is witnessing increased demand due to improving lifestyles and rising disposable income of the Chinese population. Data from Euromonitor reveals that total retail sales of skin care products and make-up products in China reached Rmb131.4 billion and Rmb18.8 billion respectively in 2013, achieving year-on-year growth of 9.1 percent and 7.3 percent, respectively.

Fenchem is the supplier of innovative ingredients for cosmetics and personal care industries. With more than 18 years market experience, Fenchem is making a stronger push to develop its import business. Our Import Department is searching for the natural ingredients of cosmetics to be distributed in China. Shea butter and rosa damascena water are the two prominent products we have made excellent achievement in throughout China.

Shea butter is derived from natural shea nuts of Karité trees along Africa. Shea butter has been known for its moisturization and exceptional healing properties since ancient times. With excellent sensory properties, it has a wide variety of applications including creams, lotions, butters, sun care products, anti-frizz hair creams and conditioners. The key standard for shea butter is unsaponifiable matter, which is required to be not less than 5 percent.

Rosa damascena water is a wonderful source of rich nourishment. It has similar properties to essential oils but much less concentrated, which will be more easily to be absorbed by skin. It is widely used in lotion and cream.

Fenchem hopes to be the agent of high quality cosmetic ingredients and make contribution to Chinese consumers. In Germany, we officially opened its new office in Koln last year. It is our fifth overseas office after Fenchem Inc. in the U.S., Fenchem EU in the Czech Republic, Fenchem Malaysia and Fenchem SA in South Africa. These five branched offices will give convenience to our import sales. Fenchem will be a good partner for your business developments.  

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