First Bite: Sneakz veggie milk

First Bite: Sneakz veggie milk

Our senior food editor, Kelsey Blackwell, receives dozens of new food products from natural manufacturers. Each week, she'll choose one intriguing item to feature in the Instagram video series First Bite. In 20 seconds, Kelsey will try the product and share her honest thoughts. This week's spotlight: Sneakz Organic

I've had my share of fortified milk, some amazing, others not so much. The consistency and flavor must be just right. Can this newest product, which packs a full serving of veggies, both please and deceive? 

First thoughts: Tastes like chocolate milk laced with broccoli baby food. No thanks. The texture is as one might expect, a bit gritty. I will not drink this again, but I can see how it might be a great option for parents with picky eaters—especially if they have no idea how chocolate milk normally tastes.  

Yay! Convenient, shelf-stable packaging. Certified organic, high in protein (8 grams), calcium and vitamins A and C. If your kids will drink this, by all means let them. Great for the lunchbox.

Nay! High in sugar (19 grams). I can't get past the taste or the texture.  

Overall rating: 2 bites

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