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Unilever moves toward transparency in fragrance ingredients

5@5: Unilever says it will disclose fragrance ingredients | Progress for the edible insect movement

Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top food and supplement headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

In game-changing move, Unilever will disclose fragrance ingredients to consumers

While the FDA only requires companies to label the range of chemicals responsible for giving personal care products their scent as "fragrance," Unilever has said that this year it will begin disclosing detailed specific fragrance ingredients for all of its personal care brands, which include Dove and Noxzema. A new section on its website will allow consumers to access that information through SmartLabel technology. Read more at EWG...


Meet the entrepreneurs driving the edible insect movement

Despite the progress of the insect protein movement—several companies like Bitty Foods and Exo Foods have formed around using insects as a sustainable source of protein—a number of hurdles still remain. Consumers are still skeptical, the regulatory landscape is still uncertain and best practices haven't been set. The North American Edible Insect Coalition was formed earlier this year and is in the process of electing officers to help overcome those hurdles. Read more at Entrepreneur...


You can't compost your food waste and eat it too

Results from a new study out of Ohio State University suggest that the more consumers know about large-scale recovery and recycling efforts, the less they are to change their own habits. A group that was told its waste would be thrown out generated 58 percent less waste than a group that was told the university would compost its waste. Read more at The New Food Economy...


Long Island couple starts Benji's Farm organic, plant-based dog treats

Rocky and Allison Graziose developed treats with different health angles, like Tummy and Sleepy and Brainy, that contain a variety of herbs as well as organic pea flour and organic peanut flour. They also donate treats and a portion of their proceeds to the Animal Relief Fund in New York City. Read more at Newsday...


Kroger acquires Murray's Cheese

The New York-based chain of specialty cheese and meat shops is already a partner to Kroger, and the acquisition is part of Kroger's move to offer higher-end products and appeal to a wider audience. Read more at

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