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Eat it wear it regenerate it
Savory Institute hosts a worldwide event on November 4th to raise awareness about the critical role livestock plays in global warming reversal

Igniting a consumer revolution, ranch style

Savory Institute steps up its climate game by partnering with leading brands and inviting consumers to take a bite.

Holistic management of livestock is the only way to reverse global warming, is a reasonable paraphrase of Allan Savory, speaking in Boulder, Colorado, on Oct. 28. The gospel of corrective livestock is not a new message from the Savory Institute founder, but it’s a message hoping to make a broader reach to consumers. In fact, the institute intends nothing less than to ignite a consumer revolution. To do so, it is partnering with key brands like Maple Hill Creamery and Epic to do the work and get the word out. 

The revolution takes hold this Friday, Nov. 4. Its “Eat it, wear it, regenerate it” movement comes together with a worldwide collection of “hub events”—16 local events around the globe, from Buenos Aires, Argentina and New South Wales, Australia to Istanbul, Turkey and Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. U.S. hubs include Sharon Springs, New York; Chico, California; Honolulu, Hawaii; Lake City, Michigan; Cheney, Washington, and Lawrence, Kansas. The events will vary by location but all will include four short films produced by The Savory Institute, footage from the Boulder conference, as well as local presenters.

"The buzz is really going crazy," says Savory Director of Public Outreach and Events Chris Kerston. "I think we'll have at least tens of thousands of people online."

The institute is also offering digital access. See for more information.

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