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New Seasons Market partners with Afresh to bring fresher produce to consumers

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Natural retailer will launch pilot of AI-driven technology to optimize fresh department operational decisions and minimize waste.

Afresh Technologies, an AI-driven technology company building solutions that are transforming the fresh food supply chain, and privately-owned, west coast neighborhood grocer New Seasons Market have partnered to bring Afresh’s Fresh Operating System into select stores in the Pacific Northwest. The partnership will help New Seasons Market reduce complexity within its stores, optimize produce operations, increase sales and deliver fresher produce to consumers.

New Seasons Market is committed to supporting the regional food economy, honoring local farmers, ranchers and growers, while ensuring delivery of the freshest foods available. Working with Afresh’s AI-powered solution will create more efficient truck-to-shelf ordering, reducing back stock and increasing the longevity of fresh produce before it even leaves the store.

“New Seasons Market was founded with the vision of building community through food and doing so by taking care of our team, our community, and our environment. Partnering with Afresh enables us to further these goals with technology that makes our food fresher and less wasteful. I’m excited for the game-changing impact Afresh will have on our bottom line, on the customers we serve, and on our sustainability,” shared Nancy Lebold, chief executive officer.

Afresh Technologiesafresh technologies

“We’re always working to be more sustainable and looking for new ways to reduce waste and give back to the community. As a member of the Pacific Coast Collaborative, we’re working with other companies toward a shared ambition to effectively prevent and reduce food waste along the West Coast,” explains Karen Molis, chief financial officer at New Seasons Market. 

“Working with New Seasons Market is a natural fit for Afresh, as our corporate missions are so well aligned in our shared goals to eliminate food waste and increase access to fresh food,” said Matt Schwartz, CEO and co-founder of Afresh. “Through our AI-driven approach built specifically for fresh, we will help New Seasons Market transform its fresh departments so that they can continue to build and nourish the communities they serve.”

New Seasons Market will pilot Afresh software through 2022 to learn how to achieve significant reductions in food waste, reach superior freshness and in-stock rates and increase operating margins. Stores using Afresh have reduced food waste by 25%, minimized out of stocks by 80% and increased sales by an average of 3% month over month.  

Source: Afresh Technologies

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