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Inside the Bottle

Supplement industry news and updates – February 2021

Supplement industry news and updates – February 2021
Inside the Bottle brings you the latest supplement industry news in this bi-monthly roundup.

Consumers demand plant-based protein powders

Demand for protein powder unsurprisingly spiked during the pandemic in 2020. However, data from the category on Amazon provided by ClearCut Analytics suggests that the growth in demand for plant-based protein powders significantly outpaced animal-based powders by 16% year-over-year. Learn more about how plant-based protein powders are powering the categories growth headed into 2021. Read more at ClearCut.

Building blocks for growing strong, healthy humans

Adults aren’t the only ones who can benefit from supplements. Read about ChildLife’s approach to ensuring children get the nutrition they need to support strong immune systems, digestion, and brain development. Read more mindbodygreen

New research shows Probiotic DE111® promotes a healthy microbiome for immune support in children

Deerland Probiotics and Enzymes recently published a clinical study that showed support for a specific probiotic maintaining a healthy gut through subtle modulations of the microbiome with significant benefits in preschool aged children. Read more at Deerland.

A look into the sustainable, traceable harvesting of Rhodiolife® Rhodiola rosea extract

Learn about the sustainable harvesting practices of Rhodiolife®, a unique Rhodiola rosea extract with benefits in both sports and cognitive health applications from Nektium and PLT Health. Read more at PLT.

Black history month spotlight - Sarah M. Wilder, Ph.D., R.D. - a trailblazing nutrition pioneer in black communities

Learn about Dr. Sarah M. Wilder, a founding member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ National Organization of Blacks in Dietetics and Nutrition (NOBIDAN) member interest group who also served as a consultant for the World Health Organization and the Cleveland Board of Education. Read more at Natural Products Insider.