UAS Laboratories provides scholarship to SDSU students for probiotic research and education

UAS Laboratories provides two scholarships to South Dakota State University (SDSU) students to support their efforts in probiotic research and education.

UAS Laboratories has been considered a leader in the field of probiotics since 1979. A critical part of their strategic focus has been probiotic research and education. UAS Laboratories has been a supporter of research in the field of probiotics at the South Dakota State University Department of Health and Nutritional Sciences and the Department of Dairy Science for many years. As part of their support, UAS Labs has funded research, scholarships and education through SDSU foundation. Some of the programs currently under consideration include:

Masters Program in Clinical Nutrition

Research in Probiotic Applications

A Certificate Program in Probiotics

An International Symposium on Probiotics

Dr. S.K. Dash, president of UAS Laboratories serves as an adjunct professor in SDSU’s Department of Health and Nutritional Sciences. Dr. Dash is considered a leader in the field of probiotics and pioneered probiotics in the United States over 30 years ago. 

UAS Laboratories also participates in clinical research studies as well as basic research into selected probiotic strains. Most recently, studies have been completed on probiotics for irritable bowel syndrome and probiotics for atopic dermatitis in children. Significant basic research has been completed on the strain, Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1, considered a “broad-spectrum” probiotic because of its beneficial effects on many health conditions.

About UAS Laboratories, Inc.

UAS Laboratories, Inc. (Eden Prairie, MN USA), established in 1979, is one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies specializing in probiotic research, development, manufacture and marketing.  The company manufactures products containing the trademarked, patented, superstrain, Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS®-1, a probiotic with over 200 university and clinical studies. DDS® Probiotics are sold to natural products retailers, health professionals, private label customers and as probiotic raw materials and condition specific blends to manufacturers in the US, Canada and over 35 other countries. UAS Labs was founded by Dr. S.K. Dash, the probiotic pioneer, in 1979. Dr. Dash is the Director and Scientific Advisor of the International Probiotic Association and Adjunct Professor of Nutrition and Food Science at South Dakota State University. Dr. Dash’s research and innovations in probiotics have earned 2010 Probiotic Award from Frost and Sullivan to UAS Labs.

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