GWI keeps green coffee extract quality high

GWI keeps green coffee extract quality high

Testing by analytical lab confirms 53 percent total chlorogenic acid.

Sales of green coffee bean extract (GCBE) have risen off the charts due to a January 2012 published study in Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity that was later substantiated on “The Dr. Oz Show.”

Unfortunately, the problem for supplement manufacturers is that there are many sources of lesser grade ingredient extracts that have penetrated the expanding marketplace, according to Nutraceuticals World in reference to tests conducted by

“We’ve made it a priority to source and import only the genuine article,” said Jim Schultz, CEO of GWI, a Southern California–based marketer and supplier of supplement ingredients. “With a significant increase of imports to the US in the past year, we’re capitalizing on our long-standing supply chain relationships in order to meet the rising demand here in the States.”

Due to rampant availability of inferior product, the GWI quality control team has taken the necessary steps of ensuring product efficacy and purity. “We’re having our products tested by an independent third party and auditing the manufacturer,” stated Alice Chin, director of QC at GWI. “The results show that our product contains over 53 percent total chlorogenic acid, which verifies the high efficacy and superior quality for our green coffee bean extract. We’re serious when we make the promise to our customers that our GCBE is the real deal.”


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