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Aker BioMarine joins GOED Coalition

Aker BioMarine joins GOED Coalition
Company joins steering committee to get behind the movement aimed at reinvigorating the omega-3 category.

Earlier this month, Aker BioMarine formally joined the GOED Coalition at the Steering Committee level to help grow sales in the omega-3 market. The Coalition was formed to develop and execute an integrated consumer education, awareness and advocacy strategy, including a range of best-practice consumer engagement efforts to support consumer demand and strengthen the omega-3 category.

In order to maintain credibility with media and consumers, the program will be largely unbranded, focusing on growing consumer awareness of and preference for the important health benefits of omega-3 supplementation.

"Although krill sales are relatively stable, we believe it is the responsibility of all marine omega-3 players to come together for the good of the category—a rising tide lifts all boats," said Matts Johansen, COO of Aker BioMarine. "This coalition is exactly what the omega-3 market needs right now, so getting involved at the steering committee level was a straightforward decision for us."

Previous examples of this type of activity include the "Got Milk" campaign. In 1993 after a 30-year decline in milk sales following the aggressive marketing of soda makers, the California Milk Processor Board organized a nationwide initiative to build consumer demand for fluid white milk. In the first year, the fluid milk category saw the first increase in consumption in more than a decade—a 9.5 percent increase in some target demographics.

"It's really important that all sectors of the EPA and DHA market participate in this coalition to return growth to the omega-3 category," commented Adam Ismail, executive director of GOED. "We need more companies like Aker BioMarine to take a leading role in this initiative."

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