GC Rieber Oils launches Pure Salmon Oil Concentrate

GC Rieber Oils launches Pure Salmon Oil Concentrate

Company will showcase its newest omega-3 innovations at Engredea in Anaheim in March.

GC Rieber Oils Inc. announces the North American launch of its new Pure Salmon Oil Concentrate. This unique Salmon Oil Concentrate is GC Rieber Oils’ answer to the low omega-3 content found in traditional salmon oils. Pure Salmon Oil Concentrate has been formulated to provide a total omega-3 content of min. 460 mg/g as triglyceride (TG), well over two times the omega-3 content of traditional salmon oil. In addition, the salmon oil concentrate contains higher levels of valuable DPA (min. 40 mg/g), an intermediary between EPA and DHA which has been shown to be a distinct and powerful nutritional and therapeutic compound.

GC Rieber Oils’ Pure Salmon Oil Concentrate, sourced from fjord-farmed salmon offering 100 percent traceability, is uniquely fresh and stable without a fishy taste or smell. The salmon oil is processed within hours of harvest and concentrated to the same fatty acid profile and triglyceride (TG) form found in nature. Originating from the highest quality premium salmon, the Pure Salmon Oil Concentrate is a perfect choice for use in chewables, gummies and pourables, where optimal taste and stability characteristics are paramount, due to the concentrate’s ultimate quality and freshness.


“The Pure Salmon Oil Concentrate is our newest innovation to reach the market,” commented Steve Dillingham, general manager of GC Rieber Oils Inc. “It comes on the heels of our VivoMega 70 DHA Ultra launch late last year. The market response to our 70 DHA Ultra has been extremely encouraging, and we believe that our new Pure Salmon Oil Concentrate will be equally well received due to its uniqueness in the market.”

GCRO will be showcasing its new Pure Salmon Oil Concentrate together with its recently launched 70 DHA Ultra, as well as its entire VivoMega omega-3 concentrate line at the upcoming Engredia show (Booth #380) held in connection with Expo West in Anaheim.


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