Clariant shows packaging solutions at SSW

Clariant shows packaging solutions at SSW

Company will display an array of solutions for nutraceuticals, including tubes and desiccant stoppers that protect against moisture and breakage.

Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, represented by its Masterbatches Business Unit with business segment Healthcare Packaging, will exhibit at SupplySide West 2013 in Las Vegas, Nov. 15 to 16 at booth #12014. Healthcare Packaging will display its extensive portfolio of controlled atmosphere packaging solutions for nutraceuticals. These include tubes and desiccant stoppers that inhibit moisture ingress while simultaneously absorbing moisture and protecting against breakage. The company will also showcase its Continu-Strip® hole punch packets for automated insertion systems, providing a simple, dependable and economical solution for preventing moisture damage, as well as Aroma-Can® aroma-enhancing canisters.

Clariant’s tubes and stoppers form an active container-closure system designed to protect sensitive products from moisture, extending shelf life and brand equity. The tubes, which are durable, rigid containers, can be combined with Clariant desiccant stoppers to create an ideal package for effervescent tablets, chewables and lozenges.

Continu-Strip hole-punch desiccant packets are ideal to protect solid dosage vitamins, supplements and other nutrionals from moisture. Wound on a reel for automatic insertion, they feature a hole in each seal to enable accurate automatic cutting and insertion into pharmaceutical and nutraceutical containers. Unlike some suppliers of packets that are only compatible with the supplier’s own insertion equipment, Continu-strip packets are compatible with standard packet inserters currently on the market.

For either masking unwanted odors or enhancing the aroma profile of a product, Clariant will also feature its Aroma-Can canisters. Available in a variety of flavors—such as citrus and vanilla—the canisters emit a pleasant aroma that is perceived by the end user upon opening of the nutraceutical container as part of a sensory branding experience.

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