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Packaging spotlight: 3 natural redesigns that work

Packaging spotlight: 3 natural redesigns that work
It is what's inside (and outside) that counts.

These three natural brands recently debuted their new digs, and the effect is powerful. Here, learn how Home Health transformed into a luxury brand, how roasted cocoa purveyor Crio Bru gets sleek and serious and how Soapbox Soaps better communicates its conscious mission.

Use the slider in the middle of each image to see the before-and-after of each packag.


Home Health

This personal care brand revamps its outdated packaging with rounded font, simplified sunburst graphics and a bottle that features softer edges. Unveiled last March at Natural Products Expo West, Home Health expects the packaging to attract new consumers to the brand's phthalate- and artificial fragrance-free products.

Crio Bru

Crio Bru's much-needed new package design is an eye-catching bag that's the same size as most coffee bean packages, making the roasted cocoa better suited to be merchandised directly next to the coffee. We love the bright, geometric logo that hints of Crio Bru's South American sourcing.

Soapbox Soaps

Launching Aug. 31, Soapbox's redesign better conveys the ingredients inside with watercolors of the chief aroma and softer hues. "The team stepped back to look at who our customers actually were and realized they were moms who love natural products," explains Soapbox Soaps co-founder Dave Simnick. "From there we designed the bottles to look and feel more natural and feminine to hit that market on the head." 

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