FDA goes after cold and flu products

FDA goes after cold and flu products

Agency hits this category hard with a string of warning letters.

It has long been the teaching of the food and drug enforcement agencies (FDA and FTC) that allegedly unlawful cold and flu products would be swiftly addressed. Last week, FDA issued warning letters to Discount Online (for so-called generic Tamiflu); Kosher Vitamins (for various formulas); Mednoscript (Russian Federation) (for so-called generic Tamiflu); Oasis Consumer Healthcare (for a spray product); Secure Medical Inc. (for so-called Tamiflu gel tablets); Sun Drug Store (for so-called generic Tamiflu); Supplementality (for various formulas); and University of Berkley (for homeopathic products).

Click on company names to read full letters.

Discount Online Pharmacy

Kosher Vitamin Express


Oasis Consumer Healthcare LLC

Secure Medical Inc.

Sun Drug Store

Supplementality LLC

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