Master Session Offered on Emerging Private Food Law in EU

Experts in food law and regulation are holding a 2-day master session on the emergence of private food law in regulation on the 16–17 September in Amsterdam.

Participants from across the food and nutrition sector, academics and regulators are invited to attend the European Food Law Association’s (EFLA) 18th Annual congress entitled, “Private food law—Non-regulatory dimensions of food law”.

The congress will focus on private law and its increasing importance in self regulating commercial communications, advertising for foods and beverages as well as defining regulation.

“Our long-standing congress will provide some useful insights into the emergence of private food law in food regulation. Emerging private food law in regulation is a relatively unexplored area, but it is having such an impact on our sector and so becomes very relevant for our day-to-day dealings with legislation." Says Guy Valkenborg, the Secretary General of EFLA.

Speakers from national authorities, European Commission, food lawyers, leading academics and the industry will discuss topics such as the unexpected rise of private food law, private food safety standards and self-imposed regulation.

Register now and benefit from the early bird rate until Tuesday, 10 August. To register or for further information on the conference, please visit the website: or contact the organisers directly at [email protected].

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