National Bioscience Corporation Awarded Weight Loss Patent for Aralox(TM)

Chester, NY, November 21, 2006 – National Bioscience Corporation announced today that the United State Patent and Trademark Office has awarded new patent entitled “Novel composition for the treatment of obesity and effective fat loss promotion” to National Bioscience Corporation. The invention related to pharmaceutical composition for the treatment and management of obesity and comprises dihydroquercetin 3-rhamnoside and aralosides (Aralox™). The composition of the present invention effectively promotes weight loss and body fat mass loss.

Dr. Zakir Ramazanov, President and CEO of NBC stated: ''For many years our company is developing unique natural products for the treatment of overweight, obesity, fatty liver and hyperlipidemic diseases. We are very pleased to have patent protection for our novel and effective phytopharmaceutical composition. The overweight and obesity has been gradually increased worldwide to an epidemic level. The patent will protect our unique proprietary composition and manufacturing technologies and enable us to supply Aralox™ for the treatment and management of obesity. “Aralox™ is an extraordinary new phyto-pharmaceutical composition that shows tremendous promise as a weight and fat loss aid,” commented Dr. Zakir Ramazanov. “As a part of a sensible nutrition and exercise program, research has shown that Aralox™ can help promote fat loss by helping to reduce lipid droplets and triglycerides through the natural disruption of perilipins. Lipid droplets represent a storage type of fat-triglycerides in adipose tissue. The lipid droplets are full of triglycerides and cholesterol which are protected from hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL, an enzyme which hydrolyzes lipid droplets and releases triglycerides) by “a shell of proteins” named perilipins. Hence, these perilipins act as a barrier to the HSL enzyme. But if the barrier is reduced, it can lead to more effective fat loss. Aralox™ is a novel dietary supplement that addresses weight loss through action simultaneously of various metabolic pathways: activation of lipolytic processes, stimulation of hormone-sensitive lipase and the reduction of lipid droplets through the disruption of perilipins.
“This is great news for upcoming diet season,” said Dr. Zakir Ramazanov. “Our work into the manufacturing processes and health benefits of aralosides and dihydroquercetin 3-rhamnoside is ground breaking”.

About National Bioscience Corporation
National Bioscience Corporation is a leading discovery and development company serving the Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical industries with comprehensive research and development services. Lead by Dr. Zakir Ramazanov, Professor in Marine Biotechnology and Molecular Biology, President of NBC consistently creates product innovations of the highest integrity in both science and marketability. Dr. Ramazanov is an accomplished researcher, with over 140 scientific studies published in journals worldwide. His previous research and development successes in the nutriceutical field include bringing Siberian Rhodiola Rosea, patented Aralia mandshurica, mushroom lycopene & beta-carotene, and unique fruit derived flavonoids myricetin and mangiferin to the world markets. Recently NBC began for the first time the commercial production of fucoxanthin concentrate-the unique marine thermogenic and anabolic carotenoid specific to deep-seawater cultivated brown marine vegetables.

For more information, contact Dr. Zakir Ramazanov at NBC: [email protected], or (845-) 469-6143.

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