NSF International Certifies That RBC Life Sciences Meets Dietary Supplement Good Manufacturing Practices

RBC Life Sciences, a provider of proprietary nutritional supplements, wound care and pain management products, has announced that it has been certified as being compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) for the dietary supplement industry.

After conducting a rigorous audit, NSF International -- an accredited, not-for-profit organization that developed the American National Standard (NSF/ANSI 173) for dietary supplements -- has certified that RBC Life Sciences' facilities and manufacturing process comply with NSF/ANSI Standard 173-2008. This standard coincides with GMP regulations instituted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

"RBC Life Sciences has dedicated itself from its founding to maintaining the highest safety and efficacy standards in the industry," said the company's President and CEO John W. Price. "Certification by NSF International assures our consumers they are receiving dietary supplements produced in a high-quality, safe environment."

When Congress passed the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, it requested the FDA to write Good Manufacturing Practices for manufacturers to follow. The FDA recently published these GMPs, which require manufacturers to evaluate the purity, quality, strength and composition of dietary supplements to ensure safe, accurately labeled products.

Ed Wyszumiala, general manager of the NSF International Dietary Supplements Certification Program said: "NSF GMP Certification enables companies, such as RBC Life Sciences, to demonstrate compliance with GMP regulations and show their customers that they are taking all of the essential steps to help ensure safety and quality."

RBC Life Sciences is also listed on NSF International's website to show that the company is certified.

About RBC Life Sciences
Through U.S. and Canadian subsidiaries, RBC Life Sciences develops, manufactures and markets high-quality nutritional supplements and personal care products under its RBC Life brand to a growing population of consumers seeking wellness and a healthy lifestyle. MPM Medical, the company's medical products subsidiary, develops and markets proprietary prescription and nonprescription products for advanced wound care and pain management. All products are tested for quality assurance in-house, and by outside independent laboratories, to comply with regulations in the U.S. and in more than thirty countries in which the products are distributed. For more information, visit the company's website at www.rbclifesciences.com.

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