Fit Foods Attains Exclusive Rights to Distribute Nature's Plus Supplements in Canada

Fit Foods, Canada’s largest distributor of sports nutrition and healthy lifestyle products, has attained the exclusive rights to distribute Nature’s Plus products in Canada. Nature's Plus, a leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements, has been in operation since 1972. Nature’s Plus is committed to helping people in their quest for increased energy and optimal health by providing them with the highest quality supplements and the highest level of personal service.

Nature’s Plus manufactures several high quality nutritional supplements, including vitamins, minerals, herbal remedies and specialty formulas. Nature’s Plus’ most well known product line is the #1 selling Spirutein High Energy Protein Meal powder. Fit Foods has brought in a variety of Nature’s Plus products including a collection of innovative children’s supplements called Animal Parade. The Animal Parade product line is a Vity Award Winning line and includes a wide variety of nutritional supplements that are specifically formulated to optimize children’s health.

In addition to their superior quality formulas, Nature’s Plus also offers the most convenient dosage forms available, including chewables, gummies, lozenges and liquids. The Nature’s Plus liquid supplements, especially the Animal Parade children’s products, have recently gained great popularity. “Convenience and ease of dosing is a major advantage that liquid supplements offer over capsules or tablets, and consumers are quickly beginning to recognize that. For years, American consumers have relied on Nature’s Plus supplements to help meet their nutritional needs,” explains Fit Foods Director of Marketing, Jennifer Walker. “By increasing distribution across Canada, health-conscious Canadians will now have access to the superior quality and ultra-convenient Nature’s Plus products.”

Fit Foods Ltd.
Fit Foods Ltd. was founded in 1996 by President and CEO Jim McMahon under the name PVL Nutrients. Fit Foods formulates and manufactures sport nutrition and healthy lifestyle products in Vancouver, British Columbia. Fit Foods brands are distributed worldwide in more than 70 countries and include North Coast Naturals, Whey Gourmet and PVL. Recently, Fit Foods has become a full distribution company acquiring the exclusive rights to several brands including CLICK, Nature’s Herbs, Herbal Clean, Zenbev, Histame, Ripped Freak, SlimBody and Advanced Genetics.

Nature’s Plus
For more than 25 years Nature’s Plus has demonstrated loyalty to the health food community. The primary objective of Nature’s Plus is to assist people in their quest for increased energy and ultimate health by providing them with the highest quality supplements and the highest level of personal service. At its own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Nature’s Plus follows the highest level GMP standards, which are strictly enforced throughout the manufacturing of all Nature’s Plus nutritional supplements.

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