Stevia Corp. plots expansion

Stevia Corp. plots expansion

Company's proprietary products for aquaculture applications will be marketed and sold in several Asian countries starting October 2013 and South America in 2014.

Stevia Corp. (otcqb:STEV), a farm management company focused on the economic development of stevia, the fastest growing product in the alternative sweetener sector, is pleased to offer insights regarding key aspects of its plans for expansion.

Stevia Corp. has developed a full line of proprietary products for aquaculture applications which will be marketed and sold in several Asian countries starting October 2013 with plans to enter South America in 2014.

George Blankenbaker, Stevia Corp. president, comments, "We have been building a pipeline of proprietary products during the past year while conducting dozens of trials and tests in several countries, and based on the successful results and positive feedback, we believe that we can rapidly expand market share during 2014."

Mr. Blankenbaker further comments, "Our cooperation with Technew Technologies announced in July 2012 is starting to pay big dividends, and we expect to continue to introduce new pipelines of advanced products leveraging the stevia plant's medicinal health properties to maintain our leadership."

Over half the world's supply of seafood now comes from aquaculture which is nearly a $100 billion market with Asia being the largest producer. Approximately 90 percent of all U.S. shrimp consumption is farmed and imported. The stevia extract acts as both a feed attractant and herbal additive when used as a feed supplement and has been shown to improve both yield and quality.

Mr. Blankenbaker explains, "Consumers are very concerned about the quality of the seafood they eat and they are especially concerned about the use of antibiotics and growth hormones which are still prevalent in many seafood operations. Stevia Corp. has developed protocols and proprietary products combining stevia extract, probiotics and enzymes to provide an economical solution to grow seafood free of antibiotics and growth hormones in a sustainable manner and produce the healthy seafood consumers are demanding."



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