Albion Advanced Nutrition Increases Clinical Presence

Human Products Division: St. Clair Shores, Michigan, June 28, 2007: The ability to be involved in and sponsor the clinical research needed to advance the science of mineral nutrition has long been one of Albion Advanced Nutrition's strengths, and one of its missions. In line with this, Albion Advanced Nutrition has struck an agreement with Robert DiSilvestro, Ph.D. (biochemistry), Professor of Nutrition, Department of Human Nutrition, at Ohio State University. Dr. DiSilvestro is one of the leading research scientists in the field of mineral research, specializing in nutritional biochemistry and clinical nutrition of minerals and antioxidant nutrients, in particular regard to inflammatory aspects of disease and exercise recovery. Dr. DiSilvestro is a many times published researcher (over 70 peer reviewed publications), and has recently authored a first of its kind text entitled "Handbook of Minerals as Nutritional Supplements", which provides an in depth review of the research findings for all nutritionally valued minerals. Dr. DiSilvestro will work with Albion Advanced Nutrition as a key consultant in the areas involving clinical research, helping to develop and oversee mineral research protocols, in addition to conducting clinical mineral research and advising Albion concerning the advancement in the state of the art of mineral clinical science.

Questions and concerns may be directed to:

Max R. Motyka
Director Human Products Division
Albion Advanced Nutrition
(801) 825-9877 or (800) 222-0733
[email protected]

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