Arthritis Breakthrough that Activates the Gene Responsible for Regenerating Cartilage Enters Clinical Trials

Raleigh, NC. – Reparagen(TM), a breakthrough in managing arthritis and joint damage which in lab tests was shown to activate a critical repair gene, IGF-1 in human cartilage while blocking joint destruction associated with inflammation, has now entered clinical trials.

The clinical study being conducted by clinical research organization Santerra Pharmaceuticals, LLC ( was submitted to Current Controlled Trials for review of the protocol and assignment of an International Standardized Randomized Controlled Trial Number (ISRCTN25438351). Both Santerra and Rainforest Nutritionals believe in the importance of exemplary science performed in open access manner and details of this 8 week clinical study in 80 subjects can be found at

Mark J.S. Miller, Ph.D., M.B.A., Professor of Cardiovascular Sciences and Pediatrics at Albany Medical College (NY) and head of the Scientific Advisory Board said that, “This trial is important because it directly compares Reparagen with glucosamine in treating subjects with moderate osteoarthritis. Glucosamine is both familiar to consumers and is currently a gold standard in the natural product approach to osteoarthritis although recent studies have described its limitations and the need for effective alternatives.”

The clinical trial will compare Reparagen versus glucosamine in a variety of pain, mobility and functional assessments in subjects with moderate osteoarthritis of the knee. Prior to this clinical investigation Reparagen was found to be the first natural product to “silence” genes that promote joint damage while simultaneously activating the repair gene, IGF-1, in human chondrocytes. This research was published in the open access journal BMC Complementary & Alternative Medicine (

Rainforest Nutritionals, Inc. Vice President Paul Bobrowski emphasized that, “Reparagen continues to set a new standard in the joint health market, emphasized by this clinical study and the Current Controlled Trials validation.” Elaborating Bobrowski said, “We believe that Reparagen’s unique action and its NIH innovation Award makes it the alternative to glucosamine or chondroitin that consumers are seeking”.

About Rainforest Nutritionals, Inc
Founded in 2002, Rainforest Nutritionals, Inc. ( is dedicated to the development of innovative natural therapeutics for the business to business market.

About Santerra Pharmaceuticals, LLC
Santerra Pharmaceuticals, LLC is a contract research organization that specializes in scientific and clinical support for companies active in the natural products sector.
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