Probiotec and Enzymotec sign an agreement to commercialize CardiaBeat in the Australian Consumer Health market

Australian Pharmaceutical marketer & manufacturer Probiotec and Israel-based Enzymotec, have announced the signing of an agreement for the launch of CardiaBeatTM in the Australian market.

"I am glad to say that our Australian counterparts have found CardiaBeatTM to be an exciting addition to their product line. Its broad anti-CVD effect, scientific backing and patent position have all been considered." says Ms. Michal Haim-Bravman, Enzymotec’s marketing manager.

"The demand for dietary supplements in Australia is among the highest in the World – about 60% of the Australians consume dietary supplements on a regular basis. Furthermore, the increase in the occurrence of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes in Australia are all important factors favoring launch of innovative solution . " concludes, Ms. Haim-Bravman.

Probiotec is a publicly traded company in the Australian stock exchange. It is a marketer & manufacturer of Pharmaceuticals which has rapidly expanded over the past few years.

Enzymotec is an Israeli biotech company, who is developing and manufacturing bio-functional ingredients for the dietary supplements, functional foods and infant formula markets. Its key product categories are: SharpPS™ - phosphatidylserine for brain health, InFat™ - structured fat for infant formulas, which mimics mother's milk capacity to increase Calcium and energy intake and CardiaBeat™ - for addressing several CVD-risk factors simultaneously

Ms. Michal Haim-Bravman
Marketing Manager
Enzymotec Ltd.
E-mail: [email protected]
Fax: +972-4-6443799

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