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3 natural products that support year-round immunity

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The immunity category is transcending its seasonal ways, and immunity supplements just might be the new multivitamin.

Sales of immunity-supporting supplements always spike after a sickness scare, whether it’s SARS, ebola or the wintertime colds-and-flu season. But a global pandemic that spans years? Game. Changer.

In 2020 sales of cold, flu and immunity supplements reached $5 billion for the first time—with growth soaring more than 50%. That means 10% of all U.S. supplement sales in 2020 was for immune health support. Vitamins still dominate the market, but there is strong growth in botanicals, as well as probiotics, that support immunity.

In a revealing survey of some 200 supplements brands, Nutrition Business Journal found one out of every three companies had no supplement products before the pandemic—which was cut in half, to 15%, by the end of the first year of COVID-19.

You know how colds-and-flu supplements were big sellers for a few months in the dead of winter? It’s now a year-round pursuit, and consumers are seeing immune supplements as something of the new multivitamin.

“In 2019, pre-COVID sales in cold, flu and immunity were $3.43 billion, but category is now over $5.5 billion in all forecasted years,” said Claire Morton-Reynolds, senior industry analyst for Nutrition Business Journal, “in part driven by immune health now being a 365 day category, not just seasonal.”

That means a complete re-think of how immunity supplements are positioned and sold at retail, especially since immune health has overtaken “vitality” as the go-to phrase resonating with shoppers.

htb superfood

Big Bold Health HTB Rejuvenate Superfood

Leave it to one of the smartest guys in the nutrition industry, Jeff Bland, Ph.D., to bring to market a new ingredient and a new concept of immune rejuvenation. Himalayan tartary buckwheat is said to help train the body’s immune system, much like one might train muscles to be bigger, stronger and faster. SRP: $65.00, 14 servings per container.

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Country Life Gut Connection Immune Balance

We all know good digestion starts in the gut. We’re learning that the center of immune function is also housed down there. But so, to o, does a good mood, good sleep and positive energy levels. This prebiotic-forward formulation contains XOS, as well as top-shelf branded ingredients Wellmiune (a baker’s yeast beta-glucan with a great research dossier) and EpiCor, a fellow branded ingredient of dried yeast fermentate that also has a raft of research demonstrating efficacy for immunity. Combined, this supp gets you in the gut—and in the head. SRP: $33.71, 30 servings per container.

Untitled design - 2022-01-11T092850.498.png

For the Biome Immune Therapy

High-end tea contains elite organic ingredients clinically tested for 2-hour immune activation and 24-hour defense. This infusion brews like tea, but unlike ordinary tea it delivers a larger therapeutic dose of fast-acting results in a mild tea flavor. For the Biome is committed to the highest-quality ingredients. It donates 3% of purchases to support climate justice, sustainable housing or empowering women. This is a supplement with efficacy and integrity. SRP: $29.95, 10 tea bags.

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