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10 hot products from SOHO EXPO 2009

Exhibits opened today at SOHO EXPO 2009. The pace was upbeat but not so frantic that I didn’t have time to sit and chat with manufacturers.

Crowds rushing the
entrance to SOHO EXPO 2009

At a glance, I witnessed many familiar trends—gluten-free anything and everything, probiotics in varied delivery modes and energy concoctions galore.

Up close, I saw some intriguing products. Here are 10. Although I haven’t scrutinized these products beyond a glance, a gulp, a chew or a rub, I think these are worth a more thorough test drive after the show. If you do the same, let me know what you think.

Maitake Products, Inc. has changed their name to Mushroom Wisdom and offers Breast Mate with meshima mushroom extract.

Country Life's Stress Shield includes B vitamins, ashwagandha (an adaptogen) and other ingredients and is intended to help the body deal with stress without causing fatigue.

Bio-K's drinkable probiotic comes in dairy and soy alternatives and has some convincing research support.

Nu Century Herbs' Respirin offers the same mix of herbs as Nu Century's Air Aide, so you can cross-merchandize to both athletic and non-sporty types.ProBar's Fruition is a snack-sized version of the complete meal bar.Tillen Farms’ Merry Maraschino Cherries are naturally free of corn syrup and dyes. Reviva’s new night creams are meant to lighten brown spots while you sleep.Vermont Smoke and Cure now has portable beef and pork sticks sans nitrates and MSG.Medizym is an enteric-coated enzyme formula that should make it beyond the stomach and into the body’s system to help normalize inflammation.BIOSelect brings certified organic (by ICEA) and olive-oil-infused personal care from Greece to the U.S. The Relaxing Foot Care Cream hit the spot after a long day walking the show floor.

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