Chia seeds + granola = darn-tasty breakfast

We've talked up the mega health benefits of chia seeds for years, and it seems that food manufacturers are finally starting to catch on. Case in point: Dylan's Chia granolas -- a new line of breakfast treats that combine the Salvia hispanica (or chia) seeds with toasted oats and other tasty flavors. Currently, Dylan's Chia comes in Cranberry Walnut and Sunflower Almond, on which I am currently munching. Why is this stuff so addictive? It could have something to do with the addictive sweetness of honey or the popping crunch of the chia seeds. Whatever the cause, the high amounts of omega-3s, fiber, and protein have me hooked. If you're intimidated by the 7 grams of fat per 1/4 cup, take note: I just snarfed a quarter cup and am totally satiated thanks to the high fiber content and expanding properties of the chia. Word to dry-granola snackers: Much like poppy seeds, the tiny black chia seeds are unruly -- don't take down a handful while standing at your desk.

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