Food allergies increasing

The Centers for Disease Control released a report on Wednesday that says food allergies in children are increasing ... up 18 percent in the past 10 years, which researchers consider more than just a statistical blip. No one really knows the reason for the jump -- peanut allergies alone have doubled -- but one reason, experts theorize, is simply parent awareness. When a child has a persistent health problem (and food allergies can cause a HUGE range of symptoms, including hives, headaches, fatigue, and on and on), more parents now know to ask their doctor about screening for a food allergy.

For those of you who remember my blogs about my son: Yes, he was finally diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity (which is less severe than a true allergy) and is off gluten for good (dairy, fortunately, seems to be OK, though his nutritionist advises rotating milk types). He's feeling SO much better and his brain fog has cleared up!

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