Freshen up indoor air, get better presents? Squirt, squirt, squirt.

lemon-slice.jpgI have some news for those of you devising plans to get the most from your holiday wish lists, but there is a catch. Clean smells promote fair and generous behavior, according to a recent study from BYU. However, the research found the dramatic improvement in ethical behavior came with a few squirts of a conventional citrus-scented cleaner ( allergies and everyday toxins breaks down the dangers of synthetic fragrances and how to avoid them). Let's hope the same holds true for natural cleaners and aromatherapy. I'll try my luck spraying Seventh Generation's Natural All-Purpose Cleaner and Aura Cacia's Tangerine/Grapefruit Mist around my apartment. And I'll be sure to let you know how the gifts go.

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