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Great green websites

Garbage chair

Yes, that's a chair made entirely of garbage. What does that have to do with Great Green Websites? Well, I found it this morning while perusing my favorite green blog. A few months ago, I wrote about websites I love. Now, here's my list of the hands-down best websites every greenie needs to know about.

Treehugger: If you're not already logging onto Treehugger every day, you should be. A gorgeous site it's not. However, it's tops in terms of relevancy, range of content, and pop-culture news.

Environmental Health News: Breaking news on the worldwide food crisis and scientific studies make this portal a good resource for the intellectual greenie.

Grist: Politics, tech, and a great blog. That's what makes Grist so darn awesome. Check out its coverage of the election, and find out how green your candidate is.

Consumer Reports Greener Choices: Shopping for a new car? How about the best water bottle? Want to know which plastic is safe and which isn't? This is the site for you: A full-on warehouse of product information and green ratings; plus hot eco topics.

Seed Magazine: A little bit more designy, Seed is for the reader who likes to browse Dwell and Make while waiting in line to buy organic carrots.

Ecofriend: This blog of all things cool going on in the green sphere will give you fantastic fodder for dinner-table conversation. "Did you see that chair made entirely of garbage?"

**As always, I'd love to hear about your favorite sites!

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