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"Healthy eating starts with no GMOs"

This quote, "healthy eating starts with no GMOs," comes from Jeffrey Smith, of the Institute for Responsible Technology, who came by yesterday to talk about the Non-GMO Project. As far back as 2000, Delicious Living reported on the lack of GMO labeling in the U.S. food supply. Now, as science continues to raise health alarms about these DNA-modified foods (how more non-natural can you get?), consumer concern is growing fast and will soon become "a non-GMO tidal wave," says Smith. (Our recent article on canola oil, for example, raised a lot of hackles, because it's true that canola oil is one of the "Big Four" GMO crops, which also includes corn, soybeans, and cottonseed. Thanks to everyone who joined the discussion!) So what can you do?

Here are tips from the helpful booklet "Non-GMO Shopping Guide":

First, buy organic. Certified organic products, by definition, can't contain GMOs.

Second, look for "no GMOs" on food labels. At the moment, these are voluntarily put on by some conscientious food makers. In October 2009, the Non-GMO Project will roll out the first independent, third-party non-GMO product label; so look for it.

Third, tell Congress now to require GMO labels on foods. Whether you believe GMOs are a health risk or not, all of us have a right to know what kind of food we're buying and eating, and to make an informed decision. GMO labeling is already required in the 15 European Union nations, Russia, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, and many other countries. Why in the world isn't it required here??

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