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Healthy snacks for kids

Our May issue includes a Parenting story on healthy snacks for kids. Since I wrote the story, I've received several samples of snack-type foods ... some I like, some not so much. Here are a few that I consider winners -- meaning I'd give them to MY kids (and myself!).

Just Tomatoes' "Just Fruit Salad." This company started with, you guessed it, dried tomatoes ... but they have since massively expanded their dried-food options. The fruit salad is truly wonderful; made with pear, apple, peach, banana, strawberry, and grapes, the pieces are soft and full of flavor, and you're getting your daily quota of fruits in a fun package. In fact, check out ALL their food products; the ways you could use them (in addition to snacking, that is) goes on and on.

Clif Bar's Clif Kid Organic ZBar. No HFCS or other creepy ingredients, these are great for on-the-go kids. And check out Clif's Twisted Fruit sticks -- a genius idea. Looks like a licorice whip, but it's actually real, organic fruit (1 serving's worth), with no added sugar. These would go great in a lunchbox.

Snikiddy Snacks Organic Cheese Puffs.For kids who love Cheez-Its or those frighteningly fluorescent orange puffs, these are a MUCH better choice. They're gluten free, contain no HFCS or hydrogenated or artificial anything, and have great kid-appealing packaging. Plus they come in fun flavors: Rockin' Ranch, Pizza Pie, and Grilled Cheese. Snikiddy also offers easy-to-take-along packs of no-refined-sugar organic cookies; Cherry Oaties, Banana Nibbles, and my favorite: Chocolate Chippers.

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