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Morgan Bast's Blog

Mintel predicts top beauty trends for 2010

As consumers become more aware of what is going into their bodies, they’ll start to notice specifics about their beauty products as well, according to Nica Lewis, director of Mintel Beauty Innovation in Chicago. “While 2009 brought its challenges for the industry, beauty brands and suppliers have continued to seek creative new ways to merge science, nature and sustainability for better results and more eco-friendly formulas and packaging,” Lewis says.

Beauty in 2010 will be a combination of old and new trends, the market research firm claims. Here are Mintel’s top beauty predictions for this year.

  1. Mood beauty
    Unlike the mood ring that just detects your mood artificially, makeup in 2010 will be able to alter your mood scientifically. The makeup will “intersect psychology and wellbeing with beauty products that offer psychological benefits and ingredients that act on people’s neurotransmitters,” according to Mintel. “Expect manufacturers to make use of textures, temperatures or sounds that affect the mood, as well as innovations like make-up that ‘switches on and off.’”

  2. Nu natural
    Manufacturers that either focused primarily on naturals or on synthetics last year may merge in 2010, according to Mintel. Additives like collagen are expected to be packaged with labels that have “free from” or “sustainable” wording. “Beauty manufacturers will further explore simple formulas, such as infusions and fluids, but they’ll formulate them with a new generation of phytochemicals, anthocyanins and fermented actives.”

  3. Pro-tech’t
    In 2009, skin protection and immunity-boosting beauty products were the big thing. In 2010, this trend will gain steam as marketing efforts, packaging, and stronger, more exotic ingredients make their way into beauty. “Expect more healthcare actives like rhodiola rosea, griffonia and superoxide dismutase to appear in 2010’s beauty products, forging a stronger link with nutricosmetics.”

  4. Turbo beauty 4G
    The consumer will turn chemist in 2010 as high-tech merges with mix-it-yourself products. Nanotechnology will also get a stronger presence as will marketing to the social media age. “Following the explosion of social media, Mintel also expects beauty manufacturers to start marketing anti-aging products in particular to ‘digital natives.’”

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