New online service sends out timely product recall alerts

Spinach? Eggs? What's the next food to be pulled from shelves? I just learned about a nifty service that can help retailers stay on top of the latest product recalls and improve food safety in their stores. Rapid Recall Exchange is an online service that allows suppliers to communicate to retailers 24/7 and 365, alerting them when there's a product recall or withdrawal. The Food Marketing Institute commissioned the service.

You can get started with the service through an annual subscription—apparently, rates are tiered depending on company size.

The catch: For this cool program to really benefit retailers, all manufacturers needs to join, which may take some time. As of last week, the exchange had 500 subscribers (retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers). So if you—and your customers—are keen on this type of service, talk it up to your suppliers and see if they'll jump on board. And then follow suit.

In the meantime, how do you stay abreast of product recalls? Sound off below.

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