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New organic personal care standard announced - NSF/ANSI 305

On Wednesday (2/18), NSF announced that its new “Made with Organic” Ingredients standard for Personal Care has been adopted as American National Standard. The NSF 305 personal care logo will identify personal care products that have achieved certification to that standard. NSF/ANSI 305: Made with Organic Personal Care Products is a VOLUNTARY standard that defines labeling and marketing requirements for personal care products that are made with organic ingredients. Like the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) regulations, this standard includes requirements on organic ingredients, material, process and production specifications and labeling. The NSF standard also requires that NOP certified ingredients be used. The NSF standard is designed only for 'made with organic' claims, and allows for limited chemical processes that are typical for personal care products but would not be allowed for food products - this is the impetus for the development of the standard. The standard addresses those personal care products made with organic content of 70% or more and comply with all other requirement of, but not those products made with 100% organic content. Those are addressed by the USDA NOP.

Another distinction of NSF/ANSI 305 is that it was developed as a consensus-based standard. The groups collaborating on the standard are:

Simple Organic Solutions

Organic Consumers Assoc.

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps

Covington & Burling


Aveda Corp.

Jason Natural Products

Lumia Organic Inc

Depth Body

Aubrey Organics, Inc.

Royal Aromatics Inc.

Berje Inc.


UIC/Canver Prevention Coal.

Prevention Coalition

CA Dept. of Food and Agriculture

Idaho Dept. of Agriculture

Access Business Group LLC

Organic Trade Assoc. Policy Dept.

Natural Products Association

Whole Foods Market

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