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Morgan Bast's Blog

Packaged Facts predicts 2010 top 5 food trends

A few foods that are recession proof: Bacon, chocolate, booze and candy all seem to permeate consumer’s cupboards with little question as to why.

Some foods, Rockville, Md. –based market research firm Packaged Facts predicts, will not only be recession proof in 2010 but will make gains in terms of numbers of eaters and profits. These foods are unexpected and are attached to larger themes or trends in the food industry. Retailers would be wise to think beyond stocking these specific items (most of which could be carried only in the deli) to offering more products within the larger trend, like Japanese fare, for example. And if you want to capitalize on the trend and stock the particular foods, you can make them your own by offering a healthy makeover of the traditional treat—for example, a gluten-free, organic or sugar-free option.

Here are Packaged Facts’ top 5 food and beverage trends for 2010:

  1. Parisian macarons: Packaged Facts say these delicate sandwich cookies could rival cupcakes in the bakery. I am a die-hard fan of cupcakes, but I see the appeal of macarons. These French treats bring frivolity and creativity to the baked goods world – something I’m sure other consumers are looking for as well. Gluten-free options are available for those who want to bank on two trends.

  2. Street food: porchetta: This Roman street food is made up of stuffed pork roast made typically over a wood fire. While natural products retailers are obviously not street vendors, they could take away the consumer’s need for more international tastes. “Porchetta is just one example of traditional global street foods that will be proliferating in 2010 as consumers fall for traditionally made foods with big flavors off the street,” Packaged Facts says.

  3. Tonkatsu: A pork version of the German schnitzel coated in panko breadcrumbs, tonkatsu is a Japanese food served typically in a bento box. Bento boxes could be easy for retailers to implement in the deli as more customers look to their natural grocer for on-the-go meals.

  4. Banh mi: global sandwiches: Various Banh Mi shops have opened in New York City as people clamor more for the savory Vietnamese sandwich. “In 2010, expect the baguette sandwich stuffed with pickled carrots and daikon, cilantro and a variety of savory meats, such as pâté or BBQ pork, to really arrive,” Packaged Facts says. Again, retailers don’t necessarily need to stock the specific sandwiches but could look at Vietnamese products that could aid customers in making their own.

  5. Waffles as carriers: It’s hard to find a hater of waffles, as the sweet breakfast food is good any time of day. More chefs are using the food’s popularity to marry the waffle’s sturdiness with other fillers to make sandwiches, savory cones and crepe-like concoctions. Consider setting up a waffle station in your store or highlighting other ways to use the frozen food in your freezer section.

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