slow cooker healthy dinner suggestions

I bought a slow cooker not long ago and I love it. I find it's easier for me to throw things into the slow cooker in the morning, than it is to try to make meals when I get home from work and the kids are ready to eat. Sometimes I'll even do some of the prep work the night before, making it easier to throw things in the pot in the morning. Even with faster cooking recipes, it's refreshing to be able to throw all of the ingredients in together. These three recipes have helped breathe new life into my family repertoire: Spicy cajun jambalaya, Kale bean and italian sausage soup, and Halibut with fennel, capers, and lemon.

For vegetarians, the Kale, bean, and sausage soup can be made with vegetable stock. And instead of putting in chicken sausage, add tofu at the same time that you add the green cabbage and kale.

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