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Stinky Pet? Earth-Friendly Products Wipes for On-the-Go Pets.

image_027.jpgOliver is lying on the floor of my office right now, waiting for me to finish this so we can go for a walk. I haven’t been bringing him to work with me that often, because he –well- is stinky. In his evolution from cute-fur-ball puppy, to one-year-old “adult” dog, he can be downright smelly.

I was thrilled to find these pre-moistened pet wipes from Earth Friendly Products! Using the same principle as a baby wipe (our pets are our babies, right?), 70 pre-moistened towels come in a canister ready for your dog or cat’s next – smelly – move. The towels have a combination of aloe vera, vitamin E, jojoba oil and natural cleaners.

Muddy paws? Wipe ‘em down. Stinky coat? Wipe ‘it down. “Dander? Wipe it away. Messy posterior? A simple swipe does the trick. I have to admit, I am impressed. A quick wipe down of his coat and scruff, brought my dog back to his sweet-smelling-furry self.

We use Earth Friendly Products regularly, in particular their natural house cleaners and their laundry detergent. I like that these products clean without the annoying toxicity of conventional chemical cleaners. They are also a family-owned and operated company that creates products with replenishable ingredients and manufactures them in a way that mitigates their impact on our environment.

Want to try their products? You can sign-up on their website for special offers and coupons:

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