Top 5 beans for your diet

full-plate-front-cover.jpg The Full Plate Diet, a new book coming out in January 2010 from the nonprofit Lifestyle Center of America, is based on "one simple, proven concept: fiber." Almost no Americans get adequate fiber -- estimates are only 1 in 5 gets enough, even though fiber's health benefits are myriad and well documented, from weight loss to lowering risk of cancer and heart disease. Current recommendations 28g for women daily and 35g for men, but The Full Plate Diet authors recommend 40g fiber per day. I like it already: a "diet" that's really just smart ways to eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains -- the cornerstones of healthy eating. And the book has all kinds of cool "top 5" lists for making better food choices; I'll start with their top five beans, a food group they consider unsurpassed in fiber content (as well as being a stellar source of protein).

1. Navy beans: 9.6g

2. Lentils: 7.8g

3. Pinto beans: 7.7g

4. Black beans: 7.5g

5. Kidney beans: 5.7g

Honorable mentions include green peas, lima beans, garbanzos, black-eyed peas, and green beans.

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