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Top 6 healthy Thanksgiving side dishes

I love planning out Thanksgiving side dishes almost as much as eating them. The Delicious Living healthy recipe archives are full of great side dish options -- and I can vouch for every one of them, having made them more than once. Here are a few of my favorites; all of them can be made gluten free, so my gluten-free son can indulge along with the rest of us. I'll post more favorite Thanksgiving recipes in the days ahead. And I'd love to hear about yours!

1. Apple, Date, and Almond Stuffing. Hands down, my favorite stuffing ever ... and it's gluten free! It's made with sauteed apples, zipped up with citrus zest, and given crunch with chopped almonds. This gets raves every single time I serve it. (I also make it often with roast chicken.) Gluten-free kids will love it, as will your adult guests.

2. Brussels Sprouts in Sage Butter. I love these sweet-savory brussels sprouts with pecans. Even if think you don't like brussels sprouts, try these; browning them gives them a wonderful flavor. To make the dish even lighter, use half olive oil and half butter.

3. Sweet Potato Bake with Maple-Cinnamon Pecans. I developed this recipe a long while back for something sweet yet not drowned with marshmallows. (Not that I have anything in particular against marshmallows ... just not on sweet potatoes.) It's super easy and kids love it.

4. Quinoa Corn Muffins. Another great gluten-free Thanksgiving side dish. Pair it with this dairy-free Pumpkin Seed Spread.

5. Roasted Green Beans with Lemon and Dill. A really nice change from steamed or casserole green beans; and I love the currants, though it's good even if you leave them out.

6. Mache Salad with Candied Pecans, Pears, and Gorgonzola. One of my go-to special salads. I leave out the gorgonzola for my gluten-free son because sometimes gorgonzola can have gluten in it (plus he doesn't like gorgonzola). Mache is a delicious, slightly nutty, tender green; you'll find it in clamshell packaging in the salad section of natural markets. But you may also substitute any tender greens, such as butter lettuce or even green leaf lettuce, or a mix.

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