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What Force Could Most Impact Global Supplement Sales in the Future?

From the economic downturn to the growing global obesity epidemic to the H1N1 flu pandemic, a handful of common forces are impacting the global dietary supplement industry today. Beyond all of this, however, the one issue most poised to shape the future of worldwide supplement sales is the rising tide of regulatory changes sweeping the globe. Whether they operate in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Russia or North America, supplement companies are awaiting potential changes that could affect everything from the ingredients that can be used in supplements to the health claims that can be made for these products.

“The past two years have provided the warm-up for what will inevitably be some very significant regulatory and policy decisions made across the world on dietary supplements over the next 12 months,” writes Simon Pettman, executive director of the International Alliance of Dietary Supplement Associations (IADSA), in a bylined article for Nutrition Business Journal’s upcoming 2009 Global Nutrition Industry Overview issue.

Publishing later this month, this issue will include IADSA’s roundup of recent and pending global regulatory actions involving dietary supplements; NBJ’s updated sales and growth estimates for the global supplement market; a deep dive into China’s, Brazil’s and Russia’s supplement sectors; results from NBJ’s survey of more than 240 global nutrition companies; discussion of how the growing worldwide focus on preventative health will affect health and wellness products; and much more.

Companies interviewed for NBJ’s 2009 Global Nutrition Industry Overview issue include: Capsugel, NBTY, Fortitech, Plethico Pharmaceuticals Limited (India/Asia/United States), Walmark (Eastern Europe), Maabarot Products (Israel), Blackmores (Australia/Asia), Vital Health Foods (South Africa), Optihealth Inc. (Canada/West Africa), Cerebos Pacific Limited (Southeast Asia), Bionorica (Western Europe), Neotropico (Latin America), Natural Health Labs (New Zealand) and Randy Dennin and Associates LLC.

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