What makes you think you have the Right to Know?

What makes you think you have the Right to Know?

This is the powerful—and funny—first line of a new pro-Prop 37 video that is taking the Web by storm. Uttered ironically by Danny DeVito, the statement in the video is followed by other celebs questioning, mocking and then supporting a consumer’s right to know if genetically modified organisms are in the food they purchase.

Created by the political action committee Consumer Advocates for Safe Food and Water and sponsored by the consumer advocacy group Food & Water Watch, the video features DeVito, Bill Maher, Jillian Michaels, Emily Deschanel, John Cho, Glenn Howerton, Kaitlin Olson, KaDee Strickland and Kristin Bauer van Straten.

The pro-Prop 37 folks are up against some heavy hitters and lots of money fighting the labeling ballot initiative. That's why the endorsement of celebrities such as those listed above comes at a crucial time for Prop 37 supporters, who have less than a month before California voters go to the polls.

Better than the star power, however, is the simple—and what I see as convincing—message conveyed to California voters in the video.

It basically goes like this: You DO have the right to know if GMOs are in your food, just like all those people in Europe, Japan, China and India. By voting "yes" on Prop 37, you will make this right a reality.

The funniest line in the video comes from musician Dave Matthews: “If there’s nothing wrong with GMOs,” he says, “Why not put it on the label: MADE WITH GMOS!”

If you like the video and its message, Food & Water Watch is collecting donations to get the ad on the air in a major television market in California.

What do you think? Will such messaging convince even those voters who don’t know or even care what a GMO is to vote Yes on Prop 37?

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